Drive Encryption

An alternative solution is to encrypt all SSD’s earmarked for destruction prior to shredding. Upon completion of the drive encryption the encryption keys must be “forgotten” and then the SSD’s can be shredded in a more traditional shredding process (similar to the shredding of HDD’s).

Traditional shredding will render the drive down to larger particles than drive disintegration, but with the recoverable data having been encrypted and the keys not available – any recoverable data can be considered safe, pending the level of security required.

This solution saves money by utilizing a less expensive destruction process but does require additional time by your staff for the encryption process. We DO NOT recommend this solution for highly sensitive data. There are simply too many pitfalls with the ability to document that all encryption keys were securely erased.

If your organization is under strict compliance issues, do not look to this option. There is simply no way to receive a clean Certificate of Destruction if the encryption work is done by your team and the destruction work done by a 3rd party. This becomes a conditional Certificate of Destruction which leaves the door open for potential liability.

If sensitive data is at stake, we strongly urge you to learn more about Drive Disintegration. This is the only solution that we currently trust for the secure destruction of highly sensitive data residing on SSD’s.

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