SSD Sanitization

Data Sanitization for SSD’s

Eradicating data from an SSD is possible. Unfortunately, differences among the drive manufacturers mean that not all SSD’s behave properly during the sanitization process.

We are working on a reliable solution for data sanitization of SSD’s. However, with current inconsistencies among the drive models we are not yet comfortable that this solution can reliably sanitize ALL data every time on EVERY drive. We simply will not bring about a solution that “usually” works.

There are new specifications under draft review among the drive manufacturers that will eventually bring the consistency needed across all drive models which would allow for a future sanitization process to be a viable option in the future. However, once these draft specifications are put into place they would still not satisfy the need to sanitize data from current SSD models.

At this point we strongly urge all of our customers to strictly use the Drive Disintegration process.

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