Tape Library Audit

Experienced Third Party Verification

Our team is trained & experienced in performing your on-site tape library audit. We understand that an experienced, third-party audit is required by your internal compliance team — or perhaps you’re simply looking to offload the task so that your team can focus on more critical projects. Our goal is to get the job done for you effectively, quickly, and without impacting your daily operation.

Our process will provide you with a comprehensive snap-shot of ALL media across ALL locations in your organization, including DR sites, data centers, off-site vaults or storage facilities. Once we complete the audit we will compare the results against your records to provide a detailed analysis of the audit results.

Our Audit Results Will Provide You With a Detailed Listing Of:

  • Accurately placed tapes
  • Missing tapes
  • Active tapes misplaced in an archive location
  • Archival tapes found within a production library or location
  • Expired Tapes still present in an archive location
  • Undocumented tapes present
  • Exceptions (such as tapes lacking, or in need of replacement, bar-code volsers)

Audit Time is Ripe for Spring Cleaning!

Once the audit is complete and you’ve had time to react to the findings, we can also help you purge any data that has exceeded its required retention period or convert old tapes to a newer generation to help minimize the storage fees of your off-site storage.

We can add these results as an addendum to your tape library audit documentation to provide clear, third-party certification all in one place.