Tape Redeployment Service

Save That Budget!

Do you have off-site or archive tapes that contain data outside of your retention period? Let us help you redeploy those tape back into rotation. It’s a simple way to clear some extra room back into your budget while ensuring maximum performance as well!

Redeploying a large quantity of tapes can be a major under-taking. Our experienced team will handle the work quickly and effectively so that your team can stay on task with more critical issues.


We have several options available depending on your compliance needs. A full verification audit will be performed prior to touching any data on any tape – for highly sensitive data the verification audit can be performed on-site. All tapes will be securely transported to our facility for data eradication, testing, cleaning, and relabeling. We have a full set of secure transport options ranging from secure, lockable totes up to dedicated, armed escort with GPS tracking so that you can monitor the location of your data at all times. Learn more about our Secure Transport options here to decide which fits best for your compliance needs.

Maximize Your Tape System’s Performance

Upon completion of our redeployment process, we are able to certify that each tape is either ready to handle to load of your production storage environment, or that it exceeds our recommended threshold of hard or soft errors which could put your backup’s performance or reliability at risk.

Our Process Includes:

  • Provide a volser audit of the tapes sent for redeployment
  • Remove the former volser label (if required)
  • Thoroughly clean & polish the exterior of each tape
  • Test every track of every tape from end to end.
  • Re-tension each tape
  • Apply new volser labels (if required)
  • Re-package the tapes in Library-Ready Packaging.

For any tapes that fail the testing process, we can perform the physical destruction for you as well.