Library-Ready Packaging

Image of LTO Tapes in a 20-pack Library-Ready case

Let us help you to minimize dirt and contaminants from entering your data center or tape library environment by reducing the amount of cardboard used to package your tapes for shipping.

  • Provides quick visibility for you on the label sequences inside of each case
  • Reduces data center waste & contaminants
  • Easier for you to unpack and load your tape system
  • Convenient built-in handles and stacking feature make it easy to keep fresh tapes on hand
  • Can be sent back and reused on your future orders

Library-pack cases are simply easier for you to unpack and load into your tape library. They also come in handy for moving tapes within your facility as you bring tapes offline for storage.

Free Bar-Code Labeling

Nearly all tapes are destined for systems that utilize bar-coding. Don’t spend your team’s valuable time labeling tapes, we’ll handle that at no additional charge! Learn more about our Free Labeling & Initialization

Volser Management

We know tape and we make the reorder process very simple. With each order we’re checking several indicators to ensure that the next batch of tapes arrives when you need it and exactly how you prefer. Learn more about our Volser Management process