Data Destruction

Benefits of Tape Destruction

Reduce your storage footprint by destroying expired tape media. Expired media refers to tape media containing data that has outlived both its usefulness and it’s required retention period. There are a number of benefits to eliminating expired tapesfrom your storage environment:

  • Reclaim valuable space in your data center or secure data storage facility
  • Reduce or even eliminate off-site storage fees
  • Avoid unnecessary legal or compliance exposure of retaining expired data

The Cost of Non-Compliance

Click Here For a refresher on the cost of non-compliance when is comes to your data security.

If your facility is properly secured, there may be very little risk that an expired tape could ever fall into the wrong hands. But if the data is expired, why allow ANY risk? Our best advice – destroy all expired tapes and be certain that the risk level is now ZERO!

Our Process

Our team will perform a Verification Audit of all tapes to be destroyed. Prior to ANY destruction, the results of our audit are compared to your records to ensure:

  • No live tapes have accidentally been staged for destruction
  • All tapes meant for destruction are accounted for in the audit

Once the Verification Audit is completed successfully, the tapes will be shredded or incinerated (according to the process that meets both your specific level of security and your regions’ environmental guidelines).

Your Place or Mine?

Tape destruction can be performed at your facility or off-site in our secure facility. For on-site destruction, shredding is the preferred process as incineration can commonly run afoul of your local environmental regulations.

For off-site destruction, the tapes will be securely transported to our facility using the Secure Transport option that best fits your required level of data security. Click here to learn about our selection of Secure Transport options.

Regardless of where the destruction occurs, our process remains the same. The entire project will be designed in whichever way works best for you:

  • The entire project can be performed on-site, including the shredding or incineration of the tapes.
  • On-site Verification plus Secure Transport to our facility for destruction
  • Secure Transport to our facility for the Verification Audit and shredding or incineration.

Make It Routine

Once we handle the initial destruction, don’t let those hard drives and tapes begin piling up for years again! Let us help you by setting up a schedule to perform tape destruction across each of your sites on a regular basis.

We’ll work with each of your locations and schedule destructions based on either a specific time interval or a threshold quantity of tapes. Having an experienced team that is familiar with each of your various sites and compliance needs will take the headache out of the process for you.

Alternate Endings

Before making the decision to destroy your tapes – let us help you determine if there is value in Redeploying them or if possibly even receive an Upgrade Credit for them.


Each tape is tested to determine its fitness for re-use within your storage environment. All tapes are then cleaned, re-tensioned, relabeled, and repackaged to ensure maximum each tapes performance. Learn more about our Tape Redeployment Process here.

Upgrade Credit

Depending on the type of tape, we may be able to fully eradicate the data on the tapes and offer you an Upgrade Credit that you can use to purchase newer generation tapes. Learn more about our Tape Upgrade Credit programs here.