Data Security – Compliance Penalties

The good news – data is more portable than ever.

The bad news – you better have a firm grip on where that data is because the penalties for non-compliance are just too great. Not to mention the PR nightmare it would cause your organization…

Failure to comply with data security regulations has become significantly more costly in recent years. Your company and it’s top management can face severe fines, if not worse. You simply can’t afford a miss when it comes to your corporate data security.

The Cost of Non-Compliance, is it Worth the Risk?

Sarbanes-OxleyGramm Leach BlileyHIPPAFISMAFACT Act
Directors & Officers
per violation
per violation
$5M$100k$50-250kAgency Budget Reduction$11k
Prison Term20 years5-12 years1-10 years
Civil Fines
$1M$25kCivil Action
Civil Fines
1% of assetsVaries
Additional PenaltiesTermination of FDIC Insurance
Cease & Desist Operations
Congressional Review

We Can Help

Whether you’re dealing with tapes, disk, or both we can handle all of your data sanitization or data destruction worries to ensure compliance. We offer a full range of services both on-site and off-site.

Dealing with multiple facilities? No problem – just let is know what you’re dealing with and we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact us today to let us take this off of your to-do list. Send an email or call us at 800-899-4979.