LTO Tapes

Reliable Data Storage Solutions with Industry-Leading LTO Tapes

In today’s data-driven world, ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable information is paramount. Our selection of LTO tapes offers a robust, reliable solution for your data storage needs. Sourced from top manufacturers who meet the highest industry standards, these tapes provide exceptional durability and scalability, making them the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to archive critical data or manage large-scale backups, our LTO tapes deliver unmatched performance, offering data protection that stands the test of time. With advanced features like encryption and high-speed transfer rates, these LTO tapes ensure your data is always secure and readily accessible when you need it most.

Unmatched Performance and Durability

We offer a wide range of LTO tapes designed to handle the most demanding data storage requirements. Boasting impressive storage capacities and swift data transfer speeds, these tapes streamline your backup processes, saving you time and resources. Each tape is carefully selected for its reliability and longevity, so you can trust that your data will remain safe and intact for years to come. Additionally, our LTO tapes are compatible with a wide range of tape drives and library systems, offering seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. Invest in our curated selection of LTO tapes today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is securely stored and easily retrievable.

Our Selection Includes Industry Favorites

HPE LTO‑8 Ultrium 30TB WORM Data Cartridge*: HPE LTO Ultrium cartridges provide reliable and low cost protection to guard your data against the threat of cyber attacks and ransomware, as well as meeting your demands for reliability when restoring data. They enable businesses to comply with the recommendations of law enforcement agencies around the world to maintain offline copies of their data. Built upon a legacy of nine generations, and with native transfer speeds of up to 1.44 TB/h for LTO-9, there is a platform for every budget. Secure AES-256 encryption provides even higher levels of data security and compliance with the most stringent industry regulations to prevent unauthorized data access. HPE StoreOpen and Linear Tape File System makes using tape as easy, flexible, portable and intuitive as using other removable and shareable media, such as a USB drive. Also, because LTO cartridges at rest require minimal additional power and cooling, they offer a greener, more sustainable long term archival solution for your data.

FujiFilm LTO Ultrium 9*: As data grows, tape capacity grows with it. The latest LTO tape format, LTO9, has the highest capacity at 18TB/cartridge (with a transfer rate of 400MB/s).

Quantum Ultrium 7*: As data continues to grow, and cyber threats continue to escalate, organizations need a simple and dependable way to keep data protected. Backing up data using the backup best practice rule such as 3-2-1-1 – 3 copies of your data, in 2 different forms of media, 1 copy offsite (cloud) and 1 copy offline (on-prem tape) – is crucial for every organization, no matter what the size of the budget or the IT staff is.

Quantum’s LTO tape drives are an ideal solution for backing up small data sets to tape and are available in a variety of form factors such as tabletop and rack mounted.

IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium*: IBM LTO 9 tape storage solutions are designed with more than two decades of data protection and storage innovation. With more energy-efficient storage capacity than ever before, they provide high levels of confidence that your data is safe, secure and protected against cyber threats.

*via manufacturer’s website