Data Center Cleaning

Dirt, debris, and other contaminants are the leading cause of corrosion and equipment failure in high-performance data center environments, causing losses of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute.

Traditional maintenance and janitorial services lack the specialized training and equipment to properly clean your data center, and can often cause added harm by using cleaners that react negatively to anti-static floor properties. It takes the right personnel, equipment, and methodology to safely remove the contaminants that could threaten your business.


Our team of experienced service technicians have been undergone thorough background checks for high-security clearance. All service technicians and project managers attend ongoing training to ensure that we are employing the most current equipment and best practices.


We use only high-quality equipment specified for cleanroom environments such as ULPA-filtered vacuums. All chemical cleaners used on your floor surfaces are pH neutral and static dissipative to maintain floor material integrity.

Environmental Testing

Our service technicians conduct pre- and post-clean tests for sub-floor particle conditions, ferrous metal levels (magnetic shavings), concrete seal integrity and above-floor and floor surface dust and soil ratings.

The U.S. Federal Standard 209E (now ISO 8), establishes maximum particulate levels for cleanroom environments – establishing ranges in which critical equipment could be damaged. Our post-clean tests demonstrate the results of your data center cleaning to ensure compliance within those guidelines.

Service Options

  • Above-Floor and Equipment Surface
  • Raised Floor Cleaning
  • Sub-Floor Plenum Cleaning
  • Sub-Floor Deck Seal
  • Above-Ceiling Cleaning
  • Zinc & Tin Whisker Remediation
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Environmental Audits & Reporting